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Hong Kong Derun Microelectronics are an IC design company dedicated to product R&D and technology innovation to create values for enterprises in global industries and society. To us, employees are our crucial assets instead of expenses or costs as recognized in accounting. We allow no workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discriminating, devoting to building a friendly and comfortable working environment for employees to work in assurance.
We encourage employees to think alike to make frictions for sparkles of diverse creativity through brainstorming. Our concept refraining from taking tasks personally and with empathy allows our employees to respect one another and boosts working efficiency. We offer competitive compensations and welfares. Welcome to join us!

Company Benefits

Insurance and Pension Plans

Employees are insured National Health Insurance (NHI) and Labor Insurance, in addition, as per Regulations governing Employee Retirement stipulated following Labor Pension Act, each employee is granted appropriation by 6% of salary to personal pension account governed by Bureau of Labor Insurance, as well as voluntary contributions of pension funds following willingness of employees.

Salary System

  • Competitive Monthly Salary
  • Lucrative Patent Bonuses for Encouraging Creativity by Employees
  • Bonus for Large-Scale Projects
  • Commissions on Performance (subject to Company operation and achievement of personal goals)

Holidays and Day Offs

  • Special Holiday under Labor Standard Act, Number of Days Incremented through Years of Service
  • One Day of Paid Study Leave per Year
  • No deduction in salary for day off requests on make-up working days announced by the government.
  • 3 paid sick leaves per year (half of daily wages will be deducted for sick leaves, as per Labor Standard Act regulations)

Welfare and Facilities

  • Irregular Team Bonding Activities and Company Trip
  • Year-End Feast (Spring Feast), Afternoon Tea, Snack Supplies, Hand-Pour Coffee
  • Use of Gyms and Activity Center in the Park
  • Charity Events
  • Care for Expecting Women and Spaces for Breastfeeding and Resting for Easing Cramps
  • Employee Health Checkup
  • Funds for Department Activities
  • Cash Gifts for Wedding and Childbirth
  • Gift of Bereavement for Funerals
  • Psychological Consultation and Life Care for Employees

Human Rights Policy

Article 1 (Purpose of Stipulation)

The Company respect and support internationally recognized human rights regulations and principles including “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)”, and “Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” of International Labour Organization (ILO), comply with laws and regulations of company locations, and stipulate human rights policy following “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”.

Article 2 (Scope of Application)

Applicable to all workers under employment and paid with wages or salary.

Article 3 (Inclusion of Diversity and Equal Working Opportunities)

With compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations, child labor and forced labor are banned, with employment discrimination dismissed. We are dedicated in a working environment with diversity, openness, equality and discrimination-free, meanwhile offering an effective and proper grievance mechanism to ensure employee rights.

Employment are based on professional capabilities and experiences, and contains no discriminations based on race, hierarchy, language, thoughts, religion, slant for political parties, place of origin, birth place, gender, sexual tendency, age, marital status, appearance, facial features, physical or mental disabilities, zodiac signs, blood type or previous participation in unions; provisions as stated in other laws and regulations shall also prevail.

Article 4 (Liberty in Selection of Employment)

Employment of labors under force, guarantees (including payoff of debts) or bound by contract, labors under involuntary or exploiting imprisonment, or humans under slavery or trafficking are forbidden. This includes the use of intimidation, coercion, threats, kidnapping or fraud to transport, harbor, recruit, deploy or receive labor in order to obtain labor or services. In addition to prohibiting unreasonable restrictions on workers’ access to the workplace, the freedom of movement of workers in the workplace shall not be unreasonably restricted, including workers’ dormitories or living quarters when applicable. As a required part of the recruitment process, all workers must be provided an employment agreement written in their native language(s) and describing terms and conditions of employment. The employment agreement must be provided to the overseas migrant workers before they leave the original country, and after they arrive in the receiving country, the employment agreement shall not be replaced or altered, unless such replacement or alteration is for compliance with local laws and regulations and for providing exceptions of equivalent or preferred terms. All works shall be voluntary, and workers have the right to resign freely at any time, in addition, workers have the right to terminate the employment with impunity if reasonable notice in accordance with the labor agreement is provided. Employers, intermediaries and secondary intermediaries shall not detain or otherwise destroy, conceal, or confiscate employees’ identity cards or entry and exit documents, such as government-issued identifications, passports or work permits. Employers may only withhold documents if required by law. Even under such circumstances, employers may not deny access to the documents at any time by the workers. Workers shall not be required to pay the employer’s intermediary or second-level intermediary recruitment fees or other fees related to their employment. If it has been discovered that the worker has paid any such expenses, such expenses shall be refunded to the worker.

Article 5 (Youth Labor)

Engagement of child labor in any manufacturing process is not allowed. “Child labor” refers to the employment of any person under the age of 15, or under the age of compulsory education, or the minimum age for employment in the country/region (whichever eldest shall prevail). Participants shall adopt appropriate mechanisms to verify the age of workers. Legal workplace study programs that comply with all laws and regulations shall not apply. Workers under the age of 18 (young workers) are not allowed to perform work that may endanger their health or safety, including night shifts or overtime. Participants shall properly keep student records and conduct scrutinized review over education partners, and protect the rights of students under applicable laws and regulations, so as to ensure proper management of student labor. Participants shall provide proper support and training to all student workers. In the lack of legal regulation, the salary level of student workers, interns and apprentices shall be at least equal to that of other entry-level employees engaged in equivalent or similar jobs. We will provide assistive/remedial measures once employment of child labor is discovered.

Article 6 (Providing Safe and Healthful Working Environment)

Health and first aid measures as necessary to safe and healthful working environment are provided to eliminate hazards in the working environment that may affect the health and safety of employees, furthermore reducing the risk of occupational hazards. Labor safety-related education and training are regularly implemented, and employee health inspections and various health promotion activities are organized on an annual basis for care of physical and mental health of employees.

Article 7 (Respect for Employees’ Freedom of Gathering and Association)

We respect the rights of employees to organize and join various societies and organizations, and provide diversified communication mechanisms and platforms to ensure a harmonious and win-win labor-management relationship. Employees and/or their representatives shall be able to openly communicate with management and share their thoughts and concerns on working conditions and managements without fear of discrimination, retaliation, threats or harassment.

Employee Training

Employees are our crucial assets instead of expenses or costs as recognized in accounting. We value and cherish talents, believing in the cultivation and motivation of employees as part of sustained market competitiveness of the Company in the market. Through arrangements for cultivating employees’ professional skills and career planning, we allow employees to continuously learn, break through rigid thinking, improve work efficiency and output, increase their cohesion to the company and allow them blended in the corporate culture, meanwhile, we encourage employees to develop a good lifelong learning attitude and face the career planning after retirement, so that employees can enjoy working and learning.

New Employee Orientation

For newcomers, we arrange new employee orientations and training courses to help them understand the company culture, history, welfare and products at a pace, whilst helping new employees to blend into the company, allowing them to get up to speed and display their expertise within minimal duration.

On-the-Job Professional Training

Varying from needs by different positions, we provide employees with internal training or external training courses to help them strengthen the field know-how. Also, we conduct case studies and teaching for actual needs at work, allowing employees to better understand the difficulties and issues encountered in the job. In the training interaction, we see points requiring improvement, and discuss and find solutions to them with a view to enable our employees handle and solve problems in a more efficient manner.


Core Competence Training

In addition to professional courses, we also focus on soft general education courses, such as emotion management, expression skills and various courses to enhance employees’ skills in coping with interpersonal responses and etiquettes, ways to face stress from work or family and dealing with problems in a positive and proactive manner. Courses of hand-poured coffee, physical fitness skills, artistic appreciation and more can cultivate humanistic qualities and spiritual purification of our employees. We encourage our employees to try different functions, expand other professional aspects, and develop infinite potential.


Employment opportunity

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  1. 規劃設計高效能及高性價比的IC
  2. 配合客戶應用需求進行IC升級改版
  3. 提供操作IC所需要的相關電性參數與邏輯應用參數
  4. 共同討論/制定客戶使用方針
  5. 共同開發驗証及應用電路板
  6. 合作處理IC量產測試相關問題
  7. 合作處理IC良率相關問題
  8. IC設計電路及CAD Tool 使用訓練
  9. 工作經驗: 3~10年 



  1. 協助新產品可靠度評估與驗證
  2. 合格供應商品質評鑑及稽核結果統籌及管理
  3. 新供應商品質能力評估
  4. 量產產品之良率控管
  5. 量產產品異常分析處理
  6. 資料收集、統計及分析作業
  7. 品質文件發行/作廢、內部及外部文件管理
  8. 相關綠色文件之收集與更新
  9. 客戶所需之相關文件提供
  10. 客退異常品之處理分析作業
  11. 供應商出貨管理
  12. 工作經歷:5年以上



  1. 驗證板(EVB)電路及Layout設計。
  2. 產品功能驗證、性能測試
  3. 驗證及測試檔案維護及保存
  4. 針對驗證結果進行產品效能分析
  5. 針對各種應用進行可行性評估
  6. 應用文章與技術文件攥寫
  7. 科學基礎知識文章攥寫介紹
  8. 系統測試、分析及除錯
  9. 展示板(Demo Board)設計、製作與驗證
  10. 協助客戶測試、分析及除錯
  11. 工作經驗: 3年以上