HONG KONG DERUN MICROELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is a FABLESS IC design company and a leader in supply of highly integrated smart power supply systems. We are in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei and Hsinchu. Our products are made in top-notch wafer FABs in Taiwan. Efforts of DERUN MICROELECTRONICS are to offer products with greater excellence and intelligence to the entire world!

With our team of experts having the premium ASIC technical capabilities at all aspects for both analog and digital logics as well as years of development experiences in power supply system development, we are dedicated in being your most dependable and professional smart power supply system and design partner.

DERUN MICROELECTRONICS have the mission of, through the highly integrated, high-performance and easy-to-use semiconductor chip, assisting our customers in perfecting complicated smart product development, drastically reduce time and R&D resources involved, meanwhile enhancing product quality and stability which allows maximal product efficiency and minimal energy waste, thereby allowing all smart products to become more friendly to our environment!

“Innovation”, “Quality”, “Efficiency” and “ECO-Friendly” are our .

“Innovation Breakthroughs”

Innovations with breakthrough is our belief. With the dramatic changes and increasingly burgeoning trend in technology, innovation becomes the driving force to thrust development ahead. It is an attitude, a spirit and our goal.
In addition to product and technology, we also have such proactively applied to our strategies. Under the belief of innovation, we are dedicated to developing new products, technologies and thinking with innovation. Through uniqueness and flexibility characteristics, we strengthen enterprise core technology and service quality, thereby fulfilling the enterprise values.

“Excellent Quality”

Hong Kong Derun Microelectronics value offering products with premium quality to customers, stipulate quality manual and quality goals to build awareness of excellent quality amongst our employees, and persistence on application of Conflict Mineral-Free and EU REACH-compliance specifications since the internal development.
From engineering sample to end product in mass production, each IC has undergone high-standard and detailed quality inspection along with part number tracking and recording to realize product traceability. Our partner suppliers are strictly required to comply with production requirements and international ISO certifications.

“Extreme Efficiency”

Sustained enhancement in efficiency and strive for stability in products are our goals. Adopting “production greater than contribution” as the orientation in efforts, Hong Kong Derun Microelectronics focuses on employee development and training.
We facilitate employees through employee training courses and properly boost employee morale. We keep benign partnerships and manage business operations through the spirit of innovative breakthroughs to pursue and realize the showcase of extreme efficiency by all employees, whilst allowing them to show individual capabilities.

“Friendliness to Environment”

In the perspective of sustainable development, Hong Kong Derun Microelectronics devote to implementing its rewards to the society and environment as an enterprise through actions. As a measure to ensure product quality, we require compliance with REACH, RoHS, ICP, MSDS, etc. by our suppliers.
In 2021, we have obtained ISO9001:2015 certification. By enhancing quality system efficiency, we aim to fulfill our responsibilities in friendliness to environment. Friendliness to Environment represents more than the social environment, we have also proactively created environment and atmosphere of positivity to allow our employees to cooperate under the rapport and furthermore enhance efficiency at work.